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The UCLA Biomedical Engineering Society was established to provide a forum for student discussion and collaboration, to promote academic and professional development of its members, and improve social bonds between fellow students within the community of the UCLA Bioengineering Department.

The UCLA chapter hosts career information sessions, academic tutoring, and community development events for students and faculty to provide members with opportunities to meet and network with professors, industry representatives, and fellow students. Membership is not restricted to students in the Bioengineering Department and we actively encourage all majors who have an interest in Bioengineering to be a part of the Society.

Membership is open to anyone interested in biomedical engineering!  For more information, visit our website, , or visit our facebook page!

If you are interested in becoming a BMES member, please complete the membership application and submit it to Jennifer Gip in 5121N Engineering V.

For more information about the UCLA Biomedical Engineering Society, please go to out the UCLA BMES Facebook page and the BMES Website.

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Biomedical Engineering Society Website


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