Graduate Admissions

When and How to Apply for the Master or PhD degree in Biomedical Engineering



The Biomedical Engineering IDP considers applications for the Fall Quarter only. The 1) UCLA on-line Application for Graduate Admissions, and 2) all additional required application materials must be entered and uploaded on line no later than December 1st. Applicants anticipating to take the GRE, TOEFL, and/or TSE in the near future that would disallow the reporting date to meet our December 1st deadline, or soon thereafter, should consider applying for the following academic year.


To apply to UCLA and to the Biomedical Engineering Program for the Master or PhD degree.:

1) Complete the on-line Application for Graduate Admissions at the following link (this application goes to the UCLA Graduate Admissions Office (GAO) )

Office Addresses

Department Mailing Address:
Biomedical Engineering IDP

5121 Engineering V
PO Box 951600
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1600Phone :
(310) 794-5945
(310) 794-5956

Major code: 289

ETS Test Codes:

Institution Code: 4837
Dept. Code: 1603

Institution Code: 7845
Department Code: 69

2) Applicants must file a UCLA Application for Graduate Admission with a personal check, money order, bank draft, or by credit card (on-line payment), for $80.00 (US Citizens and Permanent Residents) $100.00 (all other applicants), made payable to the Regents of the University of California. Please be advised that applicants who submit a completed application to the department but fail to pay the Graduate Admissions Office the $80.00 or $100.00 fee will jeopardize having their application processed.

3) Take me to the Requirements page that lists all of the additional required materials that I need to submit to apply for a Master or a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.


The uploading of documents on the on-line graduate admission application signifies the receipt of application materials. There is therefore no need to call or send an email to the department to follow-up the status of your application. The status of receipt of letters of recommendation is posted on the on line graduate admission application as soon as it is received and applicants are urged to check it frequently.  Applicants are able to remind faculty to submit their letters by having the system resend the email to those recommending the applicant.


Checking the result of your application

All applicants are guaranteed an admission decision on their application no later than the national deadline to inform applicants on admission status which is April 1st. The BME IDP program no longer sends paper decision letters through the US post; all decisions are forwarded via email. In addition, applicants can check the decision result of their application through the online decision release service located at the following URL: Applicants can begin checking their application decision result at this site starting March 1st. The deadline to respond to admission and award offers as published by the Council of Graduate Schools in the United States is April 15th of each year. The BME IDP program upholds to this deadline date.

PLEASE NOTE: The decision status on an application is not given over the phone nor through an email inquiry to the BME IDP Program.

“The Biomedical Engineering Interdepartmental Degree Program is one of 18 PhD Programs in the biosciences.”