The 18th Annual UC System-Wide Bioengineering Symposium

Wednesday, June 28 – Friday, June 30, 2017
Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center
425 Westwood Plaza, on the UCLA campus

The Bioengineering Institute of California is a major academic organization that involves all ten University of California (UC) campuses with focused research in developing the latest technologies to promote human health. This large academic unit hosts an Annual UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium that includes the bioengineering departments and programs of all ten campuses, and is the premier bioengineering event in the UC system. The overall goal of the Symposium is to bring together the bioengineering faculty, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students from the ten UC campuses to exchange research findings, establish collaborations, and develop and accelerate the development of biomedical technologies to improve the detection, treatment, and prevention of disease and to enhance human health. Moreover, this conference specifically focuses on providing a unique opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to present their work in a nurturing environment.

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The theme for the 18th Annual UC Systemwide Bioengineering symposium is “Translating Discovery into Health Technologies”, and will be held at the University of California, Los Angeles on June 28-30, 2017. This Symposium is the 18th of a series that started in 2000 by the collective action of the bioengineering programs of all UC campuses. Starting in 2000 at UC Davis with 100 participants, the Symposia have rotated through UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, UCSD, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, UCSF, UC Riverside, and the newest campus UC Merced in 2009. The second cycle started again in UC Davis in 2010 following the same sequence, with the attendees growing to nearly 400 in UC Berkeley in 2012. Faculty members, postdoctoral scholars, and students look forward to attending the Symposium, where they enjoy intellectual exchange, as well as networking with colleagues from other campuses, and guest participants from industry, government, and other institutions. The motto of the Symposium is ‘‘Ten campuses united as one, learning and growing together’’. The Symposia has led to fruitful research collaborations and long-lasting student interactions and learning. There is no other multi-campus symposium in a university system with comparable extent of participation or degrees of continuity and growth.

The 18th Annual UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium is also committed to having excellent, diverse, and inclusive students, academic researchers, and faculty attend this symposium. The University of California is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer with a strong institutional commitment to excellence through diversity. We will make a concerted effort to achieve an appropriate representation of women, racial/ethnic minorities, nationalities, and persons with disabilities.


The UC campuses are a rich environment for bioengineering research, and due to the breadth and depth of the cutting-edge research taking place across the ten UC campuses, this symposium will cover a variety of areas and will include the following tracks:

  • Stem cell, biomaterials, and regenerative medicine
  • Drug delivery and immunoengineering
  • Biomedical devices and global health
  • Imaging
  • Systems biology, computational biology, and bioinformatics
  • Synthetic biology and genetic engineering.


Confirmed Plenary Speakers 

Owen Witte, M.D.

University of California, Los Angeles
Director, Eli & Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Research
Professor, Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology
Distinguished Professor, Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics


Darrell Irvine, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Professor, Department of Biological Engineering