About Your Faculty Adviser


Song Li, Ph.D.

Vice Chair

Dino Di Carlo, Ph.D. – Graduate Vice Chair

Field Chairs

The Field Chairs serve as Faculty Advisers to all MS students who elect to graduate under the Comprehensive Examination Plan and to MS Thesis and PhD students who have not yet found a lab.  The Faculty Adviser for MS students who elect to graduate under the Thesis Plan and for PhD students who have secured lab placement is the Faculty Adviser/Principal Investigator of that lab.



Biosystem Science and Engineering (BSSE) Aaron Meyer
Molecular Cellular Tissue Therapeutics (MCTT)

Daniel Kamei

Andrea Kasko

Biomedical Instrumentation (BMI)

Jacob Schmidt

Dino Di Carlo

Biomedical Signal/Image Processing (BSIP) Holden Wu
Medical Imaging Informatics (MII) Alex Bui
Neuroengineering (BNE) Wentai Liu Co-Chair