Academic Apprentice Personnel Information

Please note: Payback deadlines for each quarter for students receiving Fee Deferrals are:

Fall: November 20th
Winter: February 20th
Spring: May 20th

The payback registration fee portion on fee deferrals are as follows:

Fall: $127.33
Winter: $126.33
Spring: $125.33

Academic Apprentice Personnel Forms


Complete all of the documents in this section then allow at least 45 minutes of your time for the reviewing process when submitting these documents to graduate advisor.

  1. Biography
  2. TA Duties and Responsibilities Agreement (for TAs only)
  3. Demographic Data
  4. Emergency Contact
  5. Employment Eligibility (Form 1-9) (Write in 9 digit UCLA UID in blank space at top of form)
  6. How to set up your Direct Deposit in “At Your Service Online” Employee InformationThis is a  “MUST DO” since the BE Dept no longer wants to issue paper checks to students.  You are required to go to this website to set up your Direct Deposit to your bank.  Students who overlook doing this immediate upon being hired will not have their paper checks released to them until they can provide confirmation that they have set up their Direct Deposit.
  7. Personal Data
  8. State Oath and Patent
  9. Statement of Understanding
  10. UC W-4/DE 4 (complete this html form on-line which is the last bullet on this page)
  11. UAW Local 2865 Membership Election Form (for TAs only)
  12. Parking Application (see graduate advisor for this form if you are interested in a guaranteed parking spot)


Additional Academic Apprentice Personnel forms for International Students