Alan Garfinkel Phd


Department of Medicine and Physiological Science

CHS 57-145
310-794-7214 (office) | 310-794-3594 (lab) | 310-794-3658 (lab)


  • AB, Cornell University, 1966
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1966-68
  • PhD., Harvard University, 1975

Awards and Positions

  • Member, Brain Research Institute, UCLA, 1986-present
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Year Fellowship, 1981-82
  • Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1966-67

Research Interests

Professor Garfinkel is interested in the mathematical modeling of cellular and tissue electrophysiology, the analysis of data from experimental and clinical arrhythmias using techniques of nonlinear dynamics (“chaos theory”), and the development of pharmacologic and electrophysiologic interventions to prevent or control arrhythmias. 


Recent Papers

  1. Qu Z., Xie L.H., Olcese R., Karagueuzian H.S., Chen P.S., Garfinkel A., Weiss J.N. “Early Afterdepolarizations in Cardiac Myocytes: Beyond Reduced Repolarization Reserve.” Cardiovasc Res. 2013 Apr 25.
  2. Gahm J.K., Wisniewski N., Kindlmann G., Kung G.L., Klug W.S., Garfinkel A., Ennis D.B. “Linear invariant tensor interpolation applied to cardiac diffusion tensor MRI.” Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 2012;15(Pt 2):494-501.
  3. Chang M.G., de Lange E., Calmettes G., Garfinkel A., Qu Z., Weiss J.N. “Pro- and antiarrhythmic effects of ATP-sensitive potassium current activation on reentry during early afterdepolarization-mediated arrhythmias.” Heart Rhythm. 2013 Apr; 10(4):575-82.
  4. Chen T.H., Zhu X., Pan L., Zeng X., Garfinkel A., Tintut Y., Demer L.L., Zhao X., Ho C.M. “Directing tissue morphogenesis via self-assembly of vascular mesenchymal cells.” Biomaterials. 2012 Dec;33(35):9019-26.
  5. Cheng H., Reddy A., Sage A., Lu J., Garfinkel A., Tintut Y., Demer L.L. “Focal high cell density generates a gradient of patterns in self-organizing vascular mesenchymal cells.” J Vasc Res. 2012;49(5):441-6.
  6. Chang M.G., Chang C.Y., de Lange E., Xu L., O’Rourke B., Karagueuzian H.S., Tung L., Marbán E., Garfinkel A., Weiss J.N., Qu Z., Abraham M.R. “Dynamics of early afterdepolarization-mediated triggered activity in cardiac monolayers.” Biophys J. 2012 Jun 20;102(12):2706-14.
  7. Chen T.H., Guo C., Zhao X., Yao Y., Boström K.I., Wong M.N., Tintut Y., Demer L.L., Ho C.M., Garfinkel A. “Patterns of periodic holes created by increased cell motility.” Interface Focus. 2012 Aug 6;2(4):457-64.
  8. Busienko P., Courtine G., Tibbs J.E., Kilimnik V., Savochin A., Garfinkel A., Roy R.R., Edgerton V.R., Gerasimenko Y. “Somatosensory control of balance during locomotion in decerebrated cat.” J Neurophysiol. 2012 Apr;107(8):2072-82.
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