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sierin linSierin Lim

Class of 2005

Nanyang Technological University’s bioengineering assistant professor Sierin Lim works on folding proteins into “cages” that can smuggle drugs into the right part of the body.  Protein cages can also be used to hold MRI contrast agents which help parts of the body show up better on scans so tumors can be detected earlier.  For more information on Dr. Lim, please go to:  http://www.ntu.edu.sg/home/slim/pi.html

Robert Brookenull

Robert Brooke, MS in Biomedical Engineering at UCLA is now a CEO and
Co-Founder of a company called Stevia First that is using biotech to
create an affordable and sustainable alternative to sugar and artificial
sweeteners that will improve health.




Quan Nguyen 

Class of 2010

Quan graduated in December of 2010, and after 6 months of travel, landed a job for Microsoft as a program manager. He started off working for the Office Performance team before switching to the Office Web App team earlier this year. He currently works to deliver new user experiences and faster web apps on SkyDrive.com. His bioengineering degree taught him to think critically and to structure complex and ambiguous problems into solvable ones.


Elizabeth Hagerman
Class of 2007

Elizabeth Hagerman obtained her M.S. from UCLA in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering in 2002 and, five years later, a Ph.D. in the same fields in 2007. She is currently the Vice President of Rose-Hulman Ventures, a program that aims to connect students with companies in the technology industry to so that students can receive hands-on experience and companies can find solutions for which they need more minds.

Recently, in early May, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College bequeathed an honorary doctorate of human letters to the successful UCLA alumnus. She was also asked to deliver the commencement address to the college’s graduating class where she proudly “[wore her] UCLA robes [for the first time] since [her] UCLA graduation.”


Ariel Hecht
Class of 2008

Ariel Hecht is a member of the UCLA Bioengineering undergraduate program’s second graduating class, having attended from 2004-2008.  He is in line to be a National Research Council (NRC) postdoctoral fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Washington, DC. “My work there will be based on applying next-generation DNA sequencing technology towards aptamer discovery for applications in cancer therapy.” 

Ariel has built an impressive resume since graduating, participating in a three year research fellowship with the Department of Homeland Security and a one year predoctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan before securing his latest fellowship at NIST. 

Remembering the BE program, he said “I remember another class…we got a chance to see an open-heart surgery.  I remember the surgeon let me stand next to him, and peer over the patient, and I could actually see her beating heart being operated on…it really helped me appreciate why it is that we do what we do.”

10 Year UCLA Bioengineering Anniversary & 1st Ever Alumni Reunion

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012

We had a fun-filled evening on Sept. 15, 2012.  Our 10 Year UCLA Bioengineering Anniversary and first ever alumni reunion was attended by 121 guests, including 67 alumni + 15 of their guests, 12 current students, 7 former staff, 4 current staff, the Dean, and 15 faculty.  We want to thank the alumni again for taking time out of their busy schedules to be with us on that night and for continuing to foster and build the community and family-like environment of our Department.  In addition to talks from Dean Vijay Dhir, Chairman Ben Wu, Felix Chao (BS 2010), Dr. Carrie Caulkins (PhD 2005), and Professor Dean Ho (PhD 2005), we caught up with old friends and had an exciting casino night.  The photos from the event, the “special guest” performance, and the slideshow (which tried to capture as many of the alumni in attendance as possible) can be found below.  For those of you who couldn’t make it to the reunion, we are sorry we missed you, but we do hope to see you at our next one in 5 years and at smaller events in the near future.  Go BE Bruins!






Class of 2007

Bioengineering Department Reaches Milestone with
First Graduating Class
(Click here to read article by Matthew Chin)



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