Chia Soo Md

Department of Surgery

675 Charles E Young Dr. South
Room 2641A, MacDonald Research LAboratories (MRL), BOX 951759


  • BS Biology, UCLA, 1989
  • MD, UCLA, 1993

Recent Awards and Recognitions

  • 2014 – Johnson & Johnson Hatton Awards
    Competition Winner 2014 43rd
    Annual American Association of Dental Research Meeting (Systemic
  • 2014 – Best Pediatric /
    Developmental Biology Abstract Annual Academic Surgical Congress
  • 2013 – Best Abstract
    Award from the Society for Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology. United States & Canadian Academy of
    Pathology, (PSC in ectopic & orthotopic models)
  • 2013 – Young Investigator Award – Annual American Society of Bone and Mineral
    Research Meeting Marylan
  • 2013 – International Investigator Award Annual American
    Society of Bone and Mineral Research Meeting Maryland (Systemic NELL)
  • 2011 – Surgical Forum/Excellence
    in Research Award 97th
    Annual Clinical Congress American
    College of Surgeons

Research Interests

  • Molecular mechanism of adult scar vs. fetal scarless wound healing
  • Nanosilver based materials for tissue engineering
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells
  • Perivascular stem cells
  • Tissue engineering and regeneration of bone, cartilage, muscle and skin
  • Molecular mechanism of chondrogenesis
  • Molecular mechanism of osteogenesis and osteoporosis
  • Molecular mechanism of craniofacial anomalies – specifically craniosynostosis

Recent Papers

  1. Jian J, Zheng Z, Zhang K, Rachohn T, Hsu C, Levin A, Enjuamuri D, Zhang X, Ting K, Soo C. Fibromodulin promoted in vitro and in vivo angiogenesis. BBRC 436:530-535, 2013.
  1. Mravic M, Asatrian G, Soo C, Lugassy C, Barnhill RL, Dry SM, Peault B, James AW. From pericytes to perivascular tumors: correlation between pathology, stem cell biology, and tissue engineering. Int Orthop 38:1819-24, 2014.
  1. Zheng Z, Lee KS, Zhang X, Nguyen C, Hsu C, Wang JZ, Rackohn TM, Enjamuri DR, Murphy M, Ting K, and Soo C. Fibromodulin-deficiency alters temporospatial expression patterns of transforming growth factor-beta ligands and receptors during adult mouse skin wound healing. PLoS One 9(3): p. e90817, 2014.
  1. Zhang Y, Velasco O, Zhang X, Ting K, Soo C, and Wu BM. Bioactivity and circulation time of PEGylated NELL-1 in mice and the potential for osteoporosis therapy. Biomaterials 35: 6614-21, 2014.
  1. Murray IR, West CC, Hardy WR, James AW, Park TS, Nguyen A, Tawonsawatruk T, Lazzari L, Soo C, and Peault B. Natural history of mesenchymal stem cells, from vessel walls to culture vessels. Cell Mol Life Sci 71: 1353-74, 2014.
  1. Murray IR, Corselli M, Petrigliano FA, Soo C, and Peault B, Recent insights into the identity of mesenchymal stem cells: Implications for orthopaedic applications. Bone Joint J 96-B(3): p. 291-8, 2014.
  1. James AW, Shen J, Khadarian KA, Pang S, Chung G, Goyal R, Asatrian G, Velasco O, Kim J, Zhang X, Ting K, and Soo C. Lentiviral delivery of PPARgamma shRNA alters the balance of osteogenesis and adipogenesis, improving bone microarchitecture. Tissue Eng Part A, 2014 [Epub ahead of print].
  1. Chung CG, James AW, Asatrian G, Liang P, Chang L, Le K, Bayani G, Pan A, Stoker D, Zhang X, Ting K, Peault B, Soo C. Human perivascular stem cell-based bone graft substitute induces rat spinal fusion. Stem Cells Trans Med 3(10):1231-41, Oct 2014.
  1. Pang S, Liu Y, Chen F, Shen J, Zheng Z, Zhang H, James AW, Hsu CY, Lee K, Wang C, Zhang X, Soo C, Ting K. Proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by a short isoform of NELL-1. Stem Cells Nov 2014. Epub ahead of print.
  1. Zheng Z, Jian J, Velasco O, Hsu C, Zhang K, Levin A, Murphy M, Zhang X, Ting K, Soo C. Fibromodulin enhances angiogenesis during cutaneous wound healing. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-Global Open: 2 (12): e275, 2014