Faculty Adviser Information

  • BE Faculty Advisers are those listed on the BE website under ‘People’ under ‘Faculty’  Faculty listed under the Core and Joint Faculty only can serve as inside members on committees.  A minimum of 3 inside and 1 outside faculty are required on a PhD Committee.  Depending of faculty rank, faculty under the ‘Affiliates’ list can serve
    as an outside member on a committee and also as co-chair concurrently. Those listed under ‘Adjunct’ can serve as additional members only and can also serve as an additional member and as co-chair concurrently. 
  • GD Policy on Videoconferencing for faculty serving on committees for the University Oral Qualifying and Final Oral (Dissertation Defense) Examinations 

    See page 17 of this publication (Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study) for the policy on videoconferencing