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Aberle, Denise Professor Medical Imaging Informatics
Chiou, Pei-Yu (Eric) Associate Professor UCLA Optofluidics Systems Laboratory
Cohen, Mark Professor Cohen Research Group
Cook, Ian Professor UCLA Depression Research and Clinic Program
Chui, Chi On  Associate Professor Nanostructure Devices and Technology Laboratory
Demer, Linda Professor
Deming, Timothy Professor Deming Research Group
Di Carlo, Dino Associate Professor Microfluidic Biotechnology Laboratory
Dunn, James Professor
Ennis, Daniel Associate Professor
Garrell, Robin Professor Garrell Research Group
Grundfest, Warren Professor
Ho, Chih-Ming Professor Micro Systems Laboratory
Ho, Dean Professor
Hsiai, Tzung Professor Cardiovascular Engineering Research Lab
Jalali, Bahram Professor Photonics Laboratory
Kamei, Daniel Associate Professor Kamei Research Group
Kasko, Andrea Associate Professor Kasko Research Group
Kim, Chang-Jin Professor UCLA Micro and Nano Manufacturing Laboratory
Li, Debiao Professor The Li Laboratory
Biomedical Imaging Research Institute (BIRI)
Liao, James Professor Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology Laboratory
Liu, Wentai Professor Bionic System Research Lab
Mahajan, Aman Professor
Ozcan, Aydogan Professor Ozcan Research Group
Bio Nano Photonics Laboratory
Schmidt, Jacob Associate Professor Biohybrid Microsystems Laboratory
Seidlits, Stephanie Assistant Professor
Shivkumar, Kalyanam Professor
Sun, Ren Professor Ren Sun Lab
Tang, Yi Professor Biomolecular Engineering Laboratory 
Teitell, Michael Professor Teitell Lab
Wang, Cun Yu Professor
Wong, Gerard Professor Wong Research Group
Wu, Benjamin Professor & Chair Wu Research Group
Yang, Yang Professor Yang Yang Lab