Financial Aid

General Information

Student support funds at UCLA are provided to graduate students in the form of grants, fellowships, traineeships, teaching assistantships, and graduate student researcher appointments. Support based solely on financial need is also provided through the Financial Aid Office in the form of work-study and loans. A student may receive both a departmental or Graduate Division award and an award based solely on financial need only if the need-based criteria are met. Applicants are strongly urged to apply for all categories of financial aid for which they qualify. Please visit the Financial Aid Office website for more information:

Applicants may also apply for extramural support by contacting national, international, or private foundations directly. More information on extramural funds can be found at

To qualify for fellowships, applicants must submit the Fellowship Application for Entering or Continuing Graduate Students to the Biomedical Engineering program office by December 15th. More information about fellowships for entering students can be found at: