Graduate Division Forms

This link provides you with all of the forms posted on the Graduate Division website listed from A-W, including the annual Fellowship Application form for new and continuing students.  The important ones are posted below.


  • Field, Advisor, or MS Plan Change Form

    Use this form to request a change from your current field, change of Faculty Advisor, or change in MS Thesis or Comprehensive Plan.  Complete the form, have your Faculty Advisor sign it, are return to the Graduate Advisor.

  • Name Change or Correction

    Use this form to change or make a correction of your name on University records.  This form, along with proper identification requested must be delivered in person to the Office of the Registrar in Murphy Hall.

  • Funding Survey
  • Leave of Absence Request

    Students in good academic standing are eligible to request a Leave Of Absence (LOA) from UCLA up to a maximum of 3 quarters.  A Leave Of Absence can be requested in increments of one, two, and up to but not exceeding three quarters at one time.  Funded students (domestic and international), i.e., loans, grants, TA, GSR, fellowships, etc., must request for a Leave of Absence before the first day of instruction.  Funded students (domestic and international) who file a Leave of Absence after the first day of instruction do not get a 100% refund of fees.  Unfunded  students(domestic and international)  must file a Leave of Absence request form no later that Friday of the second week of instruction.  This form must be delivered in person to Murphy Hall and cannot be delivered by departmental staff in a student’s behalf.

  • Leave of Absence Extension Request

    Use this form if your current Leave of Absence period is about to expire and you need to add more time for your current leave.  This form must be delivered in person to Murphy Hall and cannot be delivered by departmental staff in a student’s behalf.

  • Enrollment Petition

    Use this form to enroll in courses for the first time (i.e., create a new study list) if you are late in paying your registrations fees and your courses have been dropped.

  • Placement Survey

    All graduating students leaving UCLA must complete this form prior to their exit and file it with the Graduate Adviser.

  • Diplomas and Transcripts

    This link provides you with links from the Registrar’s Office for obtaining Diplomas and Certificates of Completion and student transcripts.

Master Degree 

(Click here for Flow Chart to Degree Progress with links to forms)

  • Study Plan for Master Degree (blank form)

    Generic MS study plan form

  • Study Plans for Master Degree

    This is a link to all the Master Degree study plans for all fields

  • Master’s Thesis Committee Nomination Form 

    Complete and submit this form to the Graduate Adviser at least one month before the preferred graduating quarter.  The detailed requirements of faculty eligibility are listed on the form.  The eligible faculty members are listed at the following sub bullet. 

    • Bioengineering Affiliate Faculty List

      A MS Thesis Committee must contain at least 3 members: 1 Core/Joint faculty member and 2 Core/Joint/Affiliate members.  A thesis committee may have more than 3 members but the member must hold a faculty title of Assistant, Associate, or full Professor.  In Residence faculty are eligible.  Faculty holding an ‘Adjunct’ title and faculty holding a ‘Clinical’ title are not eligible.

  • Master Degree Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) Form

    * For all thesis plans you will need to nominate your committee before turning in this form.

Complete this form within the first two weeks of the final quarter in which you are enrolled in courses to receive the Master degree. Submit it to the BE Graduate Advisor.

  • Master’s Thesis Committee Reconstitution Form

    Use this form only after you have an approved Committee on file and at any time after time if and when you determine the Committee member(s) need to be changed.

  • Master’s Filing Fee Form

    Use this form to file your Thesis if you are not a registered student in the quarter in which you are filing.  A filing fee is required. International students must be registered and enrolled or on an approved Filing Fee each quarter before graduation if not on an approved Leave of Absence.

  • Master Degree Petition

    Use this form to request any type of exception to Graduate Division or Departmental policy.  Ex: transfer of credit, extension of time for Advancement to Candidate, waiver of registration, plan change, unit deficiency, change in mandatory grading basis.

  • Graduate Division Quarterly Thesis Meetings Schedule

    Students who want to receive a Master Degree under the Thesis plan are highly recommended attend one of these quarterly meetings on the filing of the Master Degree Thesis.  These meeting are held by Graduate Division and UCLA Library staff who provide very valuable information on the filing format, filing procedures, and forms required for filing the Thesis.

  • Graduate Division Thesis Manual

    This manual provides very helpful information on filing format and how and where to file the Thesis for the Master Degree.

PhD Degree 

(Click here for Flow Chart to Degree Progress with links to forms)

Academic Apprentice Personnel (AAP)

NEW GSR’S and TA’s: Download, print, and complete the bulleted forms and
submit to Larry as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Please allow at least 45 minutes of your time for the review of the completed 

Additional Academic Apprentice Personnel (AAP) forms for International Students