James Bisley Ph.D.


Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology



  • Ph.D., University of Melbourne
  • Postdoctorate, University of Rochester
  • Postdoctorate, Georgetown University and the National Eye Institute, 1999-2002
  • Postdoctorate, Columbia University, 2002-2006

Research Interests

My interests revolve around vision and visual perception.
Specifically, I have focused on 2 questions: What are the neural mechanisms
underlying the allocation of visual attention and how are moving stimuli
encoded and remembered in the brain. To answer these questions, I work with
animals that are trained to perform simple behavioral tasks. I then use
techniques such as single unit recording, reversible inactivation,
microstimulation and long-term lesion studies. Recently, I have been studying
the responses of neurons in posterior parietal cortex, while the animals
perform under naturalistic viewing conditions. I am also running experiments
that are aimed at understanding how information about visual motion is stored
in short-term memory tasks. Finally, I have a continuing study aimed at
understanding distractions based on a hierarchal model of the attentional
allocation system.

Recent Papers

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