Orientation Sessions


Pre-Orientation Information


  • About Your Faculty Adviser
    The Vice Chair of the BE Department serves as Faculty Adviser to all MS students who opt to graduate under the Comprehensive Examination plan and for MS Thesis and PhD students who have not yet found a lab.  The Faculty Adviser for MS students who opt to graduate under the Thesis plan and for PhD students who have a lab is the Faculty Adviser/Principal Investigator of that lab. Faculty Advisers do not need to be a member of the BE Department, however, in this case, a faculty member from the BE Department from the list of Core and Joint Faculty needs to serve as co-adviser. More detailed information on non BE Department faculty advisers can be obtained from the Graduate Adviser.  Faculty Advisers advise students on course selection beyond those listed on the Study Plan and on electives.  Field Advisers and the Vice Chair approve all Study Plans.
  • Bioengineering Program Requirements

    To learn about the MS degree requirements, click here.  The learn about the PhD degree requirements, click here.

  • Study Plans

    Go to this link to view the study plan in your field.
  • How to Find a TA position 
    Includes a link of TA Appointment Opportunities campus wide with Department contact information. PLEASE NOTE:  TA positions for the BE Department will be posted on the BE website in August.  All students will be sent an email to announce that they have been posted.  International students as well as domestic non US Citizens where the English language was not the main language spoken at home from birth are required the TOP EXAM in order to be allowed to serve as a TA.
  • TOP EXAM (Required)

    The TOP EXAM is required of all students, international and domestic non US Citizens, whose language at home from birth was not the English language spoken at home.  Students who fall in this category and do not register and take and pass this exam with a score of at least 7.1 cannot hold a TA appointment.  These students are highly recommended to register to take the TOP EXAM as soon as possible and before the Fall quarter begins.

  • Academic Year Teaching Assistant, Reader, and Tutor Opportunities

    Information on anticipated annual student employee openings by department campuswide.

  • How to Find a GSR position
    GSR positions continuously emerge and are secured beginning with the admission period and extend through the end of the first year in the program and at times beyond, through the summer and the second year of the program.  The interdisciplinary nature of the BE Department invites students to seek and secure research beyond the realm of BE.
  • FAQs
    This refers to Frequently Asked Questions.  Prospective International Students can get valuable information about how to obtain form I-20 and details about the required Financial Statement by reading FAQ #4.  These FAQs also provide information about tuition, enrolling in courses, time line for securing a Principal Investigator (PI), changing fields, etc.  All prospective students should read these FAQs.
  • University Cooperative Housing Association (an alternative housing option)
    Alternative inexpensive non UCLA (privately) owned housing option across the street from UCLA!.  Many graduate students prefer this affordable option which includes 2 meals per day but must be willing to share living quarters and shared work responsibilities are required since this is a cooperative.
  • Annual Fee Charts all UCLA Departments.
    Go to this link to determine what your registration and non resident tuition (if applicable) fees are for one quarter.
  • Fall 2012 Tuition Fee and Supplemental Non Resident Tuition amounts/Fee Breakdown

    This link provides registration fees amounts for resident and non resident students for each quarter together with the breakdown of the registration fees.  Also provides quarterly non resident tuition amounts for non resident students.

  • Student Health and Mandatory Student Health Insurance

    Go to this link to read about what your health insurance covers and how it is included as part of your registration fee payment.
  • Create your UCLA Bruin-On-Line Email Account (A Must Do!)

    Go to this link to create your UCLA BOL email account

  • Create your new SEASNET Account (A Must Do!)
    Signing up for a SEASNET account will allow you to use HSSEAS’ computing facilities in it’s computer labs – also provides printing services.
  • Set up your Bruin Direct Deposit – (A Must Do!)
    Go to this link to sign up for Bruin Direct Deposit.  Bruin Direct Deposit allows UCLA to deposit funds from student loans, grants, and fellowships, directly into your bank account.  This fund transfer feature speeds up the receipt of funds by one to two weeks so it’s highly recommended for everyone to do.
  • HSSEAS Quarterly Instruction Enhancement Initiative (IEI) Course Materials Fee Explanation – ( A Must Read!)
    HSSEAS charges a materials fee per unit for all graduate courses that are cross listed with undergraduate courses such as, C201, C204, C205, & C206, etc.  Cross listed courses at UCLA are courses preceded with the letter ‘C’ for cross listed.  If you enroll in such courses, and BE has many of them, you need to closely monitor your BAR account throughout the quarter for these charges to appear.  Students who do not pay charges posted to their BAR account in a timely manner receive delinquent fees and eventually receive a BLOCK on all student services on their URSA record until all fees in arrears and delinquent fees are paid in full.
  • Important Dates To Remember – (A Must Read!)
    This annual calender of academic events is posted on line by the Office of the Registrar which includes information on when each quarter begins, instruction begins, study lists due for enrolling in courses, when the quarter ends, holidays, etc.
  • Registrar’s Office Annual Calendar – (A Must Read)

    A well detailed annual calendar of all important Registrar’s Office deadlines including Registration Fee deadlines for each quarter.

  • Enrollment Appointment Dates and How to Enroll in Courses – (A Must Read)

    Go to this link each quarter to view your enrollment appointment date for the following quarter and enroll in courses listed on your Study Plan. You enroll in courses online through URSA.  After you login to URSA with your UCLA Logon ID, follow the prompts under ACADEMICS.   Study Plans for all fields are posted on the BE website under ‘Academics’ under ‘Graduate Student Services’.   Tuition do not need to be paid to enroll in courses but if fees are not paid by the Fee Registration deadline of September 20th, courses will be dropped. The Fall 2012 enrollment appointment dates will be published in URSA on:
    Fall 2012:  June 6, 2012;           Winter 2013:  October 31, 2012;         Spring 2013:   January 31, 2013
  • UCLA Escort Services
    CSO escorts are available free of charge to walk with students, faculty, staff or visitors 365 days a year from dusk until 1 a.m. between campus buildings, local living areas or Westwood Village within the approximate boundaries of Sunset Boulevard to the north, Hilgard to the east, Wilshire to the South, and Veteran to the west.