Peyman Benharash M.D.


Assistant Professor
Department of Bioengineering

UCLA Cardiothoracic Surgery
10833 Le Conte Ave 62-249 CHS



Cardiothoracic Surgery, UCLA School of Medicine, 2008 – 2010
Surgery, Harbor – UCLA Medical Center, 2003 – 2008
MD, UCLA School of Medicine, 2002

Awards and Positions

  • 2013 Award for Excellence in Patient-Centered-Care, Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System
  • 2011, 2012 Teacher of the Year Award, UCLA Cardiothoracic Residency Program
  • 2010 Rosenberg Humanitarian Award, UCLA Cardiothoracic Residency Program
  • 2008 Teaching-Resident-of-the-Year Award, Harbor-UCLA General Surgery
  • 2006 Stanford Cardiovascular Institute SEED Grant, Stanford University
  • 2004 Surgical Jeopardy, American College of Surgeons, 2nd place
  • 2002 The William Dignam Award for Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCLA School of medicine
  • 2002 Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Society
  • 2001 STTP Summer Research Fellowship , UCLA School of Medicine
  • 1998 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
  • 1998 Arthur Furst Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Research, UCLA Department of Chemistry
  • 1998 Graduate Student Teaching Award, UCLA Department of Chemistry
  • 1998 Ramsey Prize for Excellence in Physical Chemistry
  • 1997 Alpha Chi Sigma Society Summer Research Grant, UCLA Department of Chemistry
  • 1997 UCLA Association of Chemists and Biochemists Research Scholarship
  • 1995 Presidential Undergraduate Fellowship for Outstanding Research

Research Interests

Cardiac tissue engineering using stem cells, Cardiopulmonary bypass, Kidney damage after cardiac surgery, Role of antioxidants in mitigating the effects of bypass. Acupuncture in myocardial injury. Cardiovascular simulation.

Recent Papers


  1. Benharash P, Gleason MJ, Felker PM: Rotational Coherence Spectroscopy of Naphthalene Trimer, Evidence for C3h Symmetry. The Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1999, V 103, N 11, 1442-1446
  2. Benharash P, Omari B: Administration of Nesiritide in Patients after Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Induces Brisk Diureses. American Surgeon. 2005 Sep;71(9):794-6
  3. Benharash P, Putnam B, Bongard F: Use of Recombinant Factor VIIa for Adjunctive Hemorrhage Control in Trauma and Surgical Patients. American Surgeon. 2005 Sep;71(9):776-80
  4. Abilez O, Benharash P, Mehrotra M, Miyamoto E, Gale A, Picquet J, Xu C, Zarins C: A Novel Culture System Shows that Stem Cells Can be Grown in 3D and Under Physiologic Pulsatile Conditions for Tissue Engineering of Vascular Grafts. Journal of Surgical Research. 2006 May 15;132(2):170-178
  5. Bublik M, Head C, Benharash P, Paiva M, Eshraghi A, Kim T, Saxton R: Hypericin and Pulsed Laser Therapy of Squamous Cell Cancer in vitro. Photomedecine and Lasers in Surgery. 2006 Jun;24 (3):341-7
  6. Abilez O, Benharash P, Mehrotra M, Miyamoto E, Gale A, Picquet J, Xu C, Zarins C: P 19 Progenitor Cells Progress to Organized Contracting Myocytes After Chemical and Electrical Stimulation: Implications for Vascular Tissue Engineering. Journal of Endovascular Therapy. 2006 June;13(3): 377-88
  7. Picquet J, Benharash P, Blin V, Jousset Y, Papon X, Enon B.: Surgery of the pretransversal vertebral artery: indications and results. International Angiology. 2007 Sep;26(3):279-84
  8. Benharash P, Lee JT, Abilez O, Zarins CK: Iliac Fixation Inhibits Migration of both Suprarenal and Infrarenal Aortic Endografts. Journal of Vascular Surgery. 2007 Feb;45(2):250-58
  9. Rafii BY, Abilez OJ, Benharash P, Zarins CK: Lateral Movement of Endografts within the Aneurysm Sac is an Indicator of Stent-Graft Instability. Journal of Endovascular Therapy. 2008 Jun;15(3):335-43
  10. Jaquinandi V, Picquet J, Saumet JL, Benharash P, Leftheriotis G, Abraham P: Functional Assessment at the Buttock Level of the Effect of Aortobifemoral Bypass Surgery. Annals of Surgery. 2008 May;247(5):869-76