Post Admissions Faqs


1.          Since
the BME IDP has been dissolved, what affect will the BE Department  have on my academic career at UCLA?

The merging of the BME IDP
into the BE Department will have very little affect on new students’ academic
career at UCLA.  Everything remains the
same except for a slight variable in the curriculum which occurs each year.  The structure on MS
thesis and PhD committees will be affected. 
Faculty Advisers who are not part of the Core and Joint faculty will now
serve as Co-Chairs on committees.

2.           I
received an email from the BE Department telling me that I was being recommended for admission.  Exactly what does that mean?

At UCLA, Departments and Programs can
only recommend admissions to the Graduate Division.  Only the Graduate Division has the authority
to officially admit an applicant after an official has verified the official admission
credentials if received.  Once they have done that,
and have deemed that you can officially be admitted to UCLA, you will receive
an email letter from the Associate Dean of the Graduate Division informing you
of your official admission.

3.         The
email that I received from the BE Department about being recommended for admission
as a graduate student did not mention anything about funding.  When will I hear about whether or not I will
receive funding?

For the UCLA BE Department, funding
opportunities are mostly available through an offered Graduate Student Research
(GSR) position.  To secure a GSR
position please inquire with Principle Investigators (PI) in the field you are interested in. 

Funding for a GSR position is
offered through a paid monthly salary and the salary level is determined by the
step you are hired at which is determined by the PI. More
details on securing a lab position is posted on the BE website /academics/graduate-student-services/academic-apprentice-personnel-information

Another funding possibility is
offered through a Teaching Assistant (TA) appointment which, for the BE
DEPARTMENT, usually occurs one or two months prior to the beginning of the
quarter which is when the TA need is determined.  Funding for a TA position is offered through
a pre-determined paid monthly salary. 
The TA position also covers approximately 98% of the in-state tuition which includes health insurance.   PLEASE NOTE: 
International students and non citizen domestic students are required to pass the TOP Exam before they are permitted to serve as a TA.
   More information on securing a Teaching
Assistant appointment is also located on the BE Department werbsite: /academics/graduate-student-services/academic-apprentice-personnel-information. More information on UCLA TOP Exam and information for registration on this exam can be found here:

Applicants who are US citizens or
Permanent Residents of the United States can also secure funding for their MS or
PhD studies by applying for and securing federally subsidized Stafford Loans.

4.         I am an international student and I
need form I-20 from UCLA in order to obtain
my student visa.  When can I get my I-20?

Form I-20 is issued not by
the BE Department but by the Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars after you
have been officially admitted by that office and after you have provided them
with acceptable evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your
educational expenses for one academic year. 
If you believe you have met these conditions and you continue to not
have been issued Form I-20, contact Anne-Marie Dieters at

5.         What if the official bank statement
indicates that I have no funds or only partial
funds to provide for my studies for one full academic year?

If you do not have funds to provide
for your tuition and supplemental non resident tuition and living expenses for one
academic year, you will need to secure a fellowship, TA, or GSR, or all three
that will total the amount of funds that you will need to provide for your
studies for one year.  This information
will be forwarded to the UCLA Graduate Admissions Office who will use this
information to release Form I-20.  If the
funding that is awarded to you from one or more of the aforementioned sources
does not arrive to the amount that you need to cover your expenses for one
academic year, you will need to submit an official financial statement showing
that you have enough funds to cover the balance of those educational expenses.

For example, the total amount a
single student international student applicant is required to have to provide
for one academic year of study at UCLA for 2012-2013 has been estimated to be $49,967.00.  If you are awarded a fellowship, and/or TA or
GSR that does not equate this amount…..

TA:                                                                  $3,000

Fellowship:                                                      $5,000

GSR:                                                               $6.000


Total Award:                                                   $14,000

Amount Needed:                                            $49,967.00

Amount Required on Financial
Statement:                            $35,967.00

6.         The Department sent me an email a long
time ago informing me that I’m being
recommended for admission to the Graduate Division buy I still have not heard from the Graduate Division
about my official acceptance.  Why is that?

Admission recommendations are processed by a single staff member for several departments.  As such, it takes a long time for one
individual to process hundreds of admission recommendations for all of the
departments under his charge.  At times,
it can take up to two to three weeks for the Graduate Admissions staff to
confirm the Department’s admission recommendation.  Please be patient with this process.

7.         When will I be receiving a packet?

Paper packets are no longer being
issued by the BE Department. 
However, you may be receiving some paper material from various other
UCLA campus offices.  For all admitted
applicants who have responded ‘Accept’ on the offer of admission SIR and SLR,
the BE administrator will be referring you to the BE website, specifically to
the ‘Graduate Orientation’ tab from the home page.

8.         How do I secure a TA or a GSR position?

Procedures on how to find a TA
and/or GSR position are posted on the BE website.  From the BE homepage, click on ‘Academics’
tab, then on ‘Prospective Graduate Students’ from the drop down menu.

9.         What kind of  TA or GSR positions are available?

For the Department of Bioengineering,
TA positions are advertised on the BE website in August.  Other UCLA science departments post their TA
positions within their own department.  A
list of personnel to contact to inquire on open TA positions in departments
campus wide is posted at the following URL:

GSR positions are available in all
science departments.  To become familiar
on how these positions are secured, please read the section “How to secure a TA
or a GSR position” above.

10.       Can I find a PI after being admitted?

Yes, you can continue to seek and
secure a lab position with a PI at any time beginning as soon as you apply and
thereafter.  Many GSR positions are secured after taking the PhD prelims and at the beginning of the second year in residence.

11.       Does UCLA have temporary housing until I
find permanent housing?

Unfortunately, UCLA does not
provide temporary housing.  However, I
have experienced that a private housing enterprise across the street from UCLA
called the University Housing Cooperative Association does offer temporary
housing options during the summer months that allows an individual to seek
permanent housing.  See the link on the
BE website; from the BE homepage, click on the ‘Academics’ tab then on
‘Prospective Graduate Students’ from the drop down menu.

12.       How do I get priority housing placement
for the Weyburn Terrace on campus apartment complex?

Priority housing placement for the
Weyburn Terrace on campus apartment complex is only possible to individuals who
are being offered funding (fellowship) from a
UCLA Department.

13.       When can I begin enrolling in courses?

You can begin enrolling in courses
on line as soon as your enrollment appointment date comes up.  To view your enrollment appointment, from the
BE website homepage, click on the ‘Academics’ tab then on ‘Graduate Program’, then on ‘Prospective Graduate

14.       Do I need to pay my tuition before I can
begin to enroll in courses?

No. Tuition does not have to be
paid before enrolling in courses.  However,
if tuition is not paid by the deadline, courses are purged and you will need to
enroll in your courses again after you pay your tuition.

15.       Can I change my field after I’ve been

Yes, you can change your field
after you are admitted but be advised that courses from the old field may not
apply to the new field.

16.       How easy is it to transfer from the MS to
the PhD program?

Once you have passed your prelims, found a lab, and have gotten approval from the department chairs,
transferring from the MS classification to the PhD classification is automatic.

17.       If I get admitted and decide not to show
up, do I need to reapply and pay another
application fee?  What additional
materials do you need when I reapply?

Ap­plicants who did not register and who wish to apply again within
that two year period, need to file another online.  Admitted applicants do not need to pay the application fee again; non admitted applicants need to pay the application fee again.

18.       Do I need to check in or report to the
Department when I arrive and before orientation
and before starting classes?

No. There is no check in required
for new students.  All of the information
for new students is posted on the BE website under the ‘Academic’ tab and then
by clicking on ‘Prospective Graduate Students’ from the drop down menu.  When new
students arrive on campus, they simply report to the various orientation
sessions scheduled for them.  If new students
have questions for the Graduate Advisor or simply wish to come visit the BE
Department staff, they are very welcome to do so at anytime.

19.  When do I need to be on the UCLA campus?

Report to the UCLA campus on the scheduled orientation days.  Classes begin on Thursday of that week.

20.       At
the time that I applied to the BE Department, I hadn’t completed all of my
coursework and did not yet receive my bachelor degree.  Since then, I’ve received my degree and I
would like to know where I should send my final transcripts.

Final transcripts and all other
transcripts where the work in progress at the time of application is now
completed must be sent to me.  The
department mailing address is on the BE website under the ‘About’ tab.