Please Note!  All students are required to read and understand two very important publications listed below labeled “(A Must Read!)“, which are Program Requirements for UCLA Graduate Degrees and Standard and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA.


The ‘Publications’ link above navigates you to a complete listing of publications from A-W posted by the Graduate Division.  Some relevant publications are as follows:

  • Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual for Students

    Information on how to find appointments, minimum requirements, terms of employment, benefits, and training.

  • Academic Apprentice Salary Scales

    Current salary scale tables for teaching & research series, readers & special readers, and remedial tutors.

  • Academic Student Employees Fee Remissions

    2011-12 fee remission rates for students hired as academic student employees.

  • Academic Year Teaching Assistant, Reader, and Tutor Opportunities

    Information on anticipated student employee openings by department.

  • Directory 

    Graduate Division deans and staff contact information.

  • Financial Support for Entering Graduate Students 

    Description of financial support options for prospective graduate students.

  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Extramural Support (GRAPES) 

    Listing of extramural awards, fellowships, and internships.

  • Graduate Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities

    Statement of academic principles.

  • Graduate Student Financial Support for Continuing Students

    Brochure describes financial support options available to current graduate students. 

  • Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) Salary Scales

    Current salary scale table with minimum appointment restrictions and administrative policies.

  • Graduate Student Researcher Fee Remissions

    2010-11 fee remission rates for students hired as graduate student researchers.

  • Graduate Work-Study Program Flow Chart

    Required steps for participation in the graduate work-study program.

  • Graduate Work-Study Program Presentation 

    Provides a summary of the guidelines as well as Q&A for the Graduate Work-Study Program administration.

  • Guidelines for UCLA Graduate Work-Study Program 

    Program description along with department, off-campus organizations, and student responsibilities.

  • Orientation Handbook

    A guide for entering graduate students

  • Policies and Procedures for Thesis and Dissertation Preparation and Filing 

    The official UCLA manuscript preparation guide. 

  • Postdoctoral Scholars Directory 

    Database of current postdocs with active appointments at UCLA.

  • Program Profile Report 

    Admissions, enrollment, and degrees awarded data by academic program.

  • Program Requirements for UCLA Graduate Degrees  (A Must Read!)

    Official outline of academic requirements by program. 

  • Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA  (A Must Read!)

    Provides detailed information regarding completion of degree requirements, master’s and doctoral committees, examinations and foreign language requirements.

  • Student Life at UCLA