Sample B.S. Bioengineering Curriculum

Current UCLA freshmen and sophomores may sign up to attend Change of Major Workshops at 6426 Boelter Hall. For more information regarding the curriculum, please contact Erkki Corpuz.

Erkki W. Corpuz
Undergraduate Program
6426 Boelter Hall
(310) 825-9442

Freshmen Year




1st Quarter    
BE 10 Introduction to Bioengineering 2
English 3 English Composition, Rhetoric, and Language 5
Chem 20A Chemical Structure 4
Math 31A Differential Calculus 4 15
2nd Quarter    
Chem 20B Chemical Energetics and Change 4
Chem 20L General Chemistry Laboratory 3
Math 31B Integration and Infinite Series 4
Physics 1A **Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics 5 16
3rd Quarter    
Chem 30A Chemical Dynamics and Reactivity: Introduction to Organic Chemistry 4
Math 32A Calculus of Several Variables 4
Physics 1B Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Oscillations, Waves, Electric and Magnetic Fields 5
Physics 4AL Physics Laboratory for Scientists and Engineers: Mechanics 2 15

Sophomore Year

 1st Quarter    
 Chem 30B Organic Chemistry: Reactivity and Synthesis, Part I 4
Chem 30AL General Chemistry Laboratory II 4
 Math 32B Calculus of Several Variables  4
 Physics 1C Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Electrodynamics, Optics, and Special Relativity  5 17
 2nd Quarter    
 BE 100
Bioengineering Fundamentals
 LS 2 Cells, Tissues, and Organs  4
 Math 33A Linear Algebra and Applications  4
*HSSEAS GE Elective  5 17
 3rd Quarter    
 BE 167L
 Bioengineering Laboratory
 CS 31   Introduction to Computer Science I 4
 Math 33B  Infinite Series  4
  *HSSEAS GE Elective 5 17

 Junior Year

 1st Quarter    
 BE 165EW Bioengineering Ethics 4
 EE 100 Electrical and Electronic Circuits  4
 LS 3 Introduction to Molecular Biology 4
LS 23L Introduction to Laboratory and Scientific Methodology 2 14
 2nd Quarter    
 BE 120
 Biomedical Transducers
 ***BE Elective
 **Technical Breadth 4 17
 3rd Quarter    
 BE 110
 Biotransport and Bioreaction Processes
 BE 176
 Principles of Biocompatibility
**Technical Breadth 4
 *HSSEAS GE Elective 5 17

 Senior Year

 1st Quarter    
 BE 177A
 Bioengineering Capstone Design I
   **Technical Breadth Requirement 4
***BE Elective 4
****Restricted Elective 4 16
 2nd Quarter    
 BE 180
 System Integration in Biology, Engineering, and Medicine I (SIBEM I)
 BE 177B
 Bioengineering Capstone Design II
   ***BE Elective 4 12
 3rd Quarter    
   ****Restricted Elective  4
   ***BE Elective  4
   ***BE Elective  4 12
   TOTAL UNITS   185

Courses in BOLD are only offered once a year.

*See HSSEAS Announcement for list of acceptable courses.

**See Undergraduate Technical Breadth Areas

***BE Electives: BIOENGR C101, CM102, CM103, C104, C105, C106, C131, CM140, CM145, C147, CM150, CM150L, C170, C171, CM178, C179, 180L, C183, C185, CM186, CM187, 199 (8 units maximum)

****Restricted electives: Bioengr C106, C131, C101, C155, M260 (since this a 200-level course, students will need to file a petition)