Department Management

Daphne Dizon 

Management Services Officer
5121F Engineering V
(310) 794-5072

Daphne is responsible for academic administration, financial management, teaching programs, selection and supervision of staff.  In addition, she handles the following areas:

  • Academic Personnel – Faculty, Adjunct, Researchers, Lecturer, Project Scientists
  • Faculty Recruitment (Academic Recruit)
  • Department Budgets
  • Hiring & Payroll – Staff, Faculty, Postdoc appointments and monthly PTR
  • International non-student visitors and DS-2019 request
  • Scheduling of Bioengineering classes
  • Bioengineering undergraduate program requirements
  • CIMS – New & Changes to Course
  • Assist with Open House / ABET
  • Emergency / Safety Coordinator
  • Key Request / Space Inventory
  • E5 Key Request Form

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Academic Personnel Office

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Administrative Staff

Andre Mesina

Administrative Specialist
5121M Engineering V
(310) 825-4913

For all purchase orders, please email: 


Fund Manager
5121M Engineering V
(310) 825-2361

Judy Chhoeung

Graduate Student Adviser
5121L Engineering V
(310) 794-5945

Daphne-Jane Dizon

Management Services Officer
5121F Engineering V
(310) 794-5072

Erkki Corpuz

Bioengineering Undergraduate Program
6426 Boelter Hall
(310) 825-9442

Melissa Tran

Outreach and Publicity 
5121N Engineering V
(310) 267-4985

Administrative Support

Andre Mesina
Administrative Specialist
5121N Engineering V

 For all purchase orders, please email: 

This position provides administrative support to faculty, researchers and is also responsible for the following areas:

  • Faculty recruitment
  • Travel arrangements and reimbursements
  • Bioengr 299 seminar series
  • Purchasing
  • Conference room and AV reservations
  • Course textbook ordering
  • Equipment Management
  • Open House / ABET
  • Sends out departmental announcements to students and faculty
  • IP Address Request
  • Facilities Service Request and Materials Service Request
  • Courtesy Parking Request


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Graduate Student Affairs

Judy Chhoeung

Student Affairs Officer
BE Graduate Program
5121L Engineering V
(310) 794-5945

TBD is the graduate advisor for the Bioengineering graduate degree program.  TBD is responsible for the following areas:

  • Admissions and Advising for Bioengineering Graduate Program
  • Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships
  • Graduate Open House and Student Recruitment Visits
  • Academic Apprentice Personnel:  Hiring of TA and GSR
  • Visiting Graduate Researcher (VGR)
  • Teaching Evaluations
  • Graduate Program Requirements
  • Parking Coordinator:  Faculty, Staff, Student Parking Permits

For more information about the graduate program, go to: Steps To Apply to a UCLA Graduate Program

Useful Links

Graduate Admissions Application
Registrar’s Office
Graduate Division – Prospective Students
Graduate Division – Current Students
International Education Office for Visiting Students
Financial Aid Office
Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center
SEASnet Computing Facility
Bruin Online Email Accounts
Scheduling Campus Tours
Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA
Yellow Parking Permit Form

Fund Management

Fund Manager
5121M Engineering V

Daniel handles the pre-award and post award for all contracts and grants for the Department.

Contracts and Grants Administration


OCGA Rep for BE





Ghazaleh Nourparvar

Contract & Grant Specialist


Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Flora O’Brien

Contract & Grant Officer


Contracts and Subawards
Roxanna Marquez Contract & Grant Specialist X40643 Contracts and Subawards

Useful Links for Contracts and Grants Proposal Preparation

Post Award Fund Management

Industry Sponsored Research, Patents & Materials Transfer Agreement