Yongho Sungtaek Ju Phd


Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

38-127K, Eng IV


  • BS, Seoul National University, 1993
  • MS, Stanford University, 1995
  • PhD, Stanford University, 1999

Awards and Positions

  • Founder, Multiscale Thermosciences Laboratory, UCLA
  • Co-recipient of Best Student Paper Award, VLSI Multilevel Interconnection Conference, 1998
  • School of Engineering Alumni Award, Seoul National Univesrity, 1993
  • Seoul National University Presidential Award, 1993

Research Interests

Professor Ju is interested in micro- and nanoscale thermosciences, energy, bioMEMS/NEMS, and nanofabrication.


Recent Papers

  1. Byon C., Nam Y., Kim S.J., Ju Y.S., “Drag Reduction in Stokes Flows over Spheres with Nanostructure Superhydrophilic Surface,” Journal of Applied Physics. 2010;107(6):066102.
  2. Cha G., Ju Y.S., Ahure L.A., Wereley N.M., “Experimental Characterization of Thermal Conductance Switching in Magnetorheological Fluids,” Journal of Applied Physics. 2010;107(9):09B505.
  3. Nam Y., Sharratt S., Byon C., Kim S.J., Ju Y.S., “Fabrication and Characterization of the Capilary Performance of Superhydrophilic Cu Micropost Arrays,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems. 2010;19(3):581-8.
  4. Hwang G.S., Nam Y., Fleming E., Dussinger P., Ju Y.S., Kaviany M., “Multi-artery Heat Pipe Spreader: Experiment,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 2010, 53(13-14):2662-69.
  5. Maung K.J., Thomas H.H., Ju Y.S., “Multifunctional Integration of Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites,” Solar Energy. 2009;84(3):450-58
  6. Nam Y., Warrier G., Wu J., Ju Y.S., “Numerical and Experimental Study of Single Bubble Dynamics on a Hydrophobic Surface,” Journal of Heat Transfer. 2009;131(12).
  7. Kim J., Ju Y.S., “On-Chip Characterization of the Mass Diffusivity of Binary Mixtures Using Brownian Microscopy,” Sensors and Actuators A. Phyiscal. 2009;155(1):39-46.
  8. Cha G., Ju Y.S., “Reversible Thermal Interfaces based on Microscale Dielectric Liquid Layers,” Applied Physics Letters, 2009;94(21).
  9. Kim J., Ju Y.S., “Brownian Microscopy for Simultaneous in situ Measurements of the Viscosity and Velocity Fields in Steady Laminar Microchannel Flows,” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems. 2008;17(5):1135-43.
  10. Nam Y., Ju Y.S., “Bubble Nucleation on Hydrophobic Islands Provides Evidence to Anomalously High Contact Angles of Nanobubbles,” Applied Physics Letters. 2008;93(10).