Graduate Admissions

The application deadline has been extended to December 1, 2018.

Steps to Apply

All application materials and testing scores must be uploaded and post marked by December 15th

  • Complete the online application for graduate admission
  • Submit all supplemental materials online
  • Mail in their official undergraduate transcripts directly to our office
  • For technical questions about the application, please email

Online Application for Graduate Admission

Requirements for Admission

Applicants should have a B.S. degree in Engineering, Life Science, or Physical Science.

Applicants who do not have a BS degree in Engineering, Life Science, or Physical Science, are required to have, in the very minimum, all of the prerequisites listed under the corresponding field on the Prerequisite Sheet linked here and in the third bullet below.  All prerequisites must be completed before the beginning of classes.


Office Address

Department Mailing Address:
Bioengineering Department
420 Westwood Plaza
5121 Engineering V
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1600
Phone :
(310) 794-5945
(310) 794-5956
Major code: 288ETS Test Codes:
Institution Code: 4837
Dept. Code: 1603
Institution Code: 7845
Department Code: 69

Bioengineering Supplemental Information in the Online Application

  • The data you enter on your research background in these fields is a very important part of your application.
  • Indicate your major of your undergraduate study in the appropriate field.  In the case of a double major, list both majors.
  • Although the online application requires you to enter your GPA in your last two years of undergraduate study, the Bioengineering faculty are also interested in reviewing your overall GPA and your GPA in the major courses; please list both in the appropriate fields. (See instructions below on how to calculate the GPA in the major courses.) For international applicants where numerical scores are not issued, please enter the appropriate text as these are text fields.
  • Entering one of our six fields of study is required as all applications are monitored by a Field Advisor (click here to view the list of Field Advisors on this website listed under ‘People’).  An admitted applicant can request to change field via petition.
  • Applicants to the MS degree are required to elect a Plan option on the Supplemental, either the Comprehensive Examination Planor the Thesis Plan.   (Click here to read the details of the Comprehensive Examination and Thesis on pages 8 & 9 of the Standards and Procedures document)  For most fields, the Comprehensive Examination Plan requires an additional exam on the core courses after the final exam. (Click here to view details of the Comprehensive Examination requirement on all Fields).  The Thesis Plan requires research through lab placement and a final document filed at the UCLA library at the end of the program.
  • By entering the name of your preferred Faculty Adviser in the appropriate field for MS Thesis and PhD applicants allows your application to be reviewed by that particular Faculty Adviser.  If the name of your preferred Faculty Adviser is not on this list or you have not yet decided on one, list the name of the Field Adviser and state on your Statement of Purpose the name of the actual Faculty Adviser you wish to work with.  For MS Comprehensive Examination applicants, your Faculty Adviser is the Field Adviser by default.

Grade Point Average

To apply for the M.S. or PhD degree, applicants should have a B.S. degree in Engineering, Life Science, or Physical Science, with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher in the last two years of undergraduate study. Applicants who already have the M.S. degree or will obtain the degree before enrolling, should have an overall GPA of at least 3.25 for the M.S., however, such applicants must still report their undergraduate GPA. Meeting the above minimum requirements does not guarantee admission; the actual standard for admission is set by the current pool of applicants, and is generally much higher.

How to calculate JR/SR year GPA:
Jr & Sr Year GPA (Grade Point Average)
Junior and Senior Year units are the last 60 semester units, or last 90 quarter units, completed in undergraduate status. Your Jr/Sr GPA should be calculated by using the scale posted below.
If you do not have 60 semester or 90 quarter units in your junior and senior year, please include your entire last semester or quarter of your sophomore year.

If your school uses another system, and it cannot be converted to a four point GPA, enter the grading system that is practiced in your school. International applicants matriculating or have matriculated in schools that are not on a 4.0 system can report their scores as issued; i.e., 17/20, or Pass with Distinction, or 85/100, etc.

PLEASE NOTE:  For applicants who are in the process of completing the senior year and are unable to calculate the GPA because grades have not yet been posted, please calculate your GPA from your entire junior (3rd year) only. If you do not have 30 semester or 45 quarter units in your junior year, please include your entire last semester or quarter of your sophomore year.

**The department can reject candidates that calculate their GPA’s incorrectly**

Sample GPA Calculation

GradeTotal Course UnitsMultiplierGrade Points Earned
A or A+33X 4132
A-20X 3.774
B+10X 3.333
B21X 363
B-5X 2.713.5
C+2X 2.34.6
C9X 218
C-1X 1.71.7
D+3X 1.33.9
D0X 10
D-1X 0.70.7
F0X 00
 Total Course Units105 Total Grade Points Earned344.4


Divide Total Grade Points Earned by Total Course Units and carry to two decimal places:

344.4 (Total Grade Points Earned) divided by 105 (Total Course Units) = 3.28 (GPA)

How to Calculate GPA in Major Courses

In addition to your JR/SR GPA required on the Graduate Division online application  is the GPA in the major courses overall. Using the above sample, calculate your GPA in all engineering, math, physics, biology, and chemistry courses for all years in attendance of your undergraduate studies including current courses you are taking up to the time that you submit your application on line. Do not include grades from fields other than the ones listed above.

**The department can reject candidates that calculate their GPA’s incorrectly**


All applicants should mail their official undergraduate transcripts to the Bioengineering Department.  These transcripts should be postmarked on or before the December 15th.

Please upload unofficial transcripts from all colleges or universities attended except for community colleges.

International students please upload the English translation of unofficial transcripts, unofficial degree certificates and/or unofficial copies of your diplomas.  In addition to uploading unofficial English translated transcripts on the online Graduate Admissions website, one official transcript both in non-translated form and in English translated form from each school attended, including community colleges, may be sent directly from the registrars of the academic institutions you have attended (beyond secondary school), or you may request official copies and send them yourself to the Bioengineering Department before the Dec. 15th application deadline.

If you are a university/college senior, do not wait for senior-year grades before submitting your application and transcript. UCLA undergraduates please note:   You do not have to submit official copies of UCLA transcripts; the Bioengineering Department admissions office will retrieve them in your behalf.

In order for a transcript to be considered official, it needs to come to us in a sealed university envelope.

Applicants from India:

Please do not upload or send transcripts from Secondary or Higher Secondary schools; these are not required for admission. The basis of admission is the Bachelor degree or its equivalent at the post-secondary level. Also, please, do not upload or send Certificates of Appreciation or achievement or any other type of Certificates of honorable mention or accolades as these are not required or considered for graduate admission.

Statement Of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose is uploaded on line only.  Do not send to the Bioengineering Department.  It should specify the research area you are interested in. Your statement is a means of helping us match your academic and research interest with those of our faculty (this is very important if you are applying for financial support as most financial offers are through Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointments). It should not be a personal life history; it should contain only such academic details that will aid the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application.

Describe exactly what you wish to study at UCLA. “Bioengineering”, for example is not specific enough. State what branch of Bioengineering interests you, e.g., Biomedical Signal & Image Processing, Molecular Cellular Tissue Therapeutics, Neuroengineering, etc.  If you possess such a background, write about your experience as a researcher and what you researched, the extent of your research, publications in print, peer reviews, the number of poster presentations you have entered, research awards earned, number of oral presentations, and number of conference proceedings attended.

Personal History Statement (optional)

The Personal History Statement is optional for Bioengineering.  This statement should not duplicate the Statement of Purpose.  If you would like to let the Admissions committee know more information about you, please provide it in the personal history statement.

Describe how your background, accomplishments, and life experiences led to your decision to pursue the graduate degree for which you are applying. Include any educational, personal, cultural, economic, or social experiences, challenges or opportunities relevant to your academic journey. In addition, please describe any aspects of your personal background, accomplishments, or achievements that will allow the department to evaluate your contributions to the University’s diversity mission. Contributions to diversity and equal opportunity can take a variety of forms, such as efforts to advance equitable access to education, public service, that addresses the need of a diverse population, or research that explores inequalities.

Supporting Documents (optional)

It is optional to upload additional documents such as journal papers, conference proceedings, and manuscripts in this section of the online admission application.

Resume/CV (required)
Please upload a copy of your Resume/CV.

Letters Of Recommendation

Three names of individuals who will be submitting a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Note that letter of recommendation requests can be made prior to the student finishing his/her application. You will need to enter contact information for the letter providers, and they will be contacted by the online admission system via email. The status of receipt of letters of recommendation is posted on the on line graduate admission application as soon as it is received and applicants are urged to check it frequently.  Applicants are able to frequently remind those recommending you for admission to submit their letters online by having the system resend the email to those recommending the applicant.  Do not have the persons recommending you for admission send their letters to the Bioengineering Department either via US post or by email attachments.

For the M.S. program, we recommend that you request letters of reference from professors who have taught you in your junior or senior years.

For the Ph.D. program, we urge that all you request letters from academic references as recent as possible. If you have an M.S., letters from professors who served on your M.S. committee are particularly helpful. If you cannot obtain academic references, the letters should be from people who can comment on your recent professional attainments and your qualifications for graduate study in Bioengineering at UCLA.

Confidentiality: Applicants are not permitted to inspect or retrieve letters of recommendation in their UCLA files. If you are admitted to UCLA and enroll, you will then have access to your letters of recommendations unless you have previously waived the right of access. All letters of recommendation need to be uploaded into the system by the recommender by the December 1st deadline. Letters received after the deadline may not be considered.

Graduate Record Examination

GRE scores on the General (Aptitude) test are required for admission to both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs. If you do not take the exam, your file will be considered incomplete. We cannot admit students “provisionally” and allow them to take the GRE exam after they are at UCLA.

The GRE must be taken within the last five years before the desired date of admission. The GRE code for UCLA is 1603.

If you have taken the GRE within the last five years, you may send a copy of the results pending receipt of official scores from the Educational Testing Service.

The only other report accepted in lieu of the GRE official report is the MCAT official report.  Upload the unofficial copy of the MCAT report at the time of applying on line.


Test of English as a Foreign Language

IELTS band score – International English Language Testing System

Students whose native language is not English are required, for admission, to score at least 600 (paper exam), 250 (computer exam), or 100 iBT (Internet-based test) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or have an overall band score of at least on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). ***Please note that TOEFL scores are considered valid for only two years, and that if several scores are submitted, only the most recent is considered.***

Because processing, sending, and receiving TOEFL and IELTS scores often takes several weeks, international students must schedule the TOEFL examination no later than October in order to meet the Departmental deadlines. TOEFL scores should be sent directly to the Department address.

In addition, students whose native language is not English must take the English as a Second Language Placement Examination (ESLPE) on arrival at UCLA and, beginning in their first term in residence, take any English as a Second Language courses needed as determined by the results of the ESLPE. Because such courses may not be applied toward the minimum course requirement, students who are required to take them should expect to spend additional time in residence.

ETS Tests UCLA/BME IDP Institution Codes:

GRE: Institution Code: 4837/Dept. Code : 1603

TOEFL/TSE/IELTS: Institution Code: 7845/Dept. Code: 69

Financial Statement for International Students

The office of Graduate Admissions at UCLA requires that international admits prove that they have the current amount stated on the I-20 application portal at their disposal for the first academic year of graduate study. According to U.S. Immigration and Naturalization regulations, the University may only issue Certificates of Eligibility (Form I-20) for Visas to applicants who have been offered admission and have submitted documented evidence (e.g. Financial statement, bank statements, letters of sponsorship, etc.) of sufficient funds for their study at UCLA. For more information, please contact the Dashew Center at 310-825-1681 or

These documents must bear the appropriate seals and/or signature of a Bank Official, and must state the full name of the applicant and the amount of the support offered. Please upload these documents during your online application. All financial statements are kept confidential.


Checking Application Status

The uploading of documents on the online graduate admission application signifies the receipt of application materials. There is therefore no need to call or send an email to the department to follow-up the status of your application. The status of receipt of letters of recommendation is posted on the on line graduate admission application as soon as it is received and applicants are urged to check it frequently.  Applicants are able to remind faculty to submit their letters by having the system resend the email to those recommending the applicant.

Checking Decision Status

The BE Department no longer sends paper decision letters through the US post; all decisions are forwarded via email. In addition, applicants can check the decision result of their application through the online decision release service located at the following URL:
PLEASE NOTE: The decision status on an application is not given over the phone nor through an email inquiry to the Bioengineering Department.

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