Daphne-Jane Dizon, Management Services Officer

Daphne-Jane Dizon, Management Services Officer     5121F Engineering V     (310) 794-5072

Manages all aspects of Department, including faculty and staff personnel and payroll actions, staff supervision, and department & student budget/fund management.

Crystal Ramirez, Purchasing Coordinator

Crystal Ramirez, Purchasing Coordinator      5121 M Engineering V     (310) 825-4913


Manages purchasing and travel and non-travel reimbursements. Manages operations such as equipment inventory, facilities and material services requests, parking permits, and building key and BruinCard access.

For all purchase orders and reimbursement requests, please email: 

For questions about E5 rooms 4122 and 5122, please email:

Sarah Matautia, Fund Manager

Sarah Matautia, Fund Manager    5121M Engineering V    (310) 825-2361

Manages pre- and post- award administration for department faculty, coordinates effort reporting and close out of awards.

Emilia Rodriguez-Vera, Administrative Specialist

Emilia Rodriguez-Vera, Administrative Specialist    5121N Engineering V    (310) 267-4985

Manages the BE 299 seminar series, department events, website, and social media. Coordinates travel and entertainment for department guests, speakers, etc. Serves as the front desk coordinator and provides assistance on all administrative matters.

Lili Bulhoes, Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Lili Bulhoes, Graduate Student Affairs Officer    5121L Engineering V    (310) 794-5945

Oversees Bioengineering’s M.S. and PhD program, graduate student payroll and funding, and admissions. Provides prospective and current graduate student advising.

Erkki Corpuz, Undergraduate Counselor

Erkki Corpuz, Undergraduate Counselor    6426 Boelter Hall    (310) 825-9442

Academic Counselor
Undergraduate Admissions
Education Abroad Program
New Student Orientation
Undergraduate Student Faculty Advising

Students and Prospective students, please use Message Center to correspond with our academic counselors –CLICK HERE for links

Staff and Faculty Email Communications ONLY send to: