‘Smart’ insulin could prevent hypoglycemia during diabetes treatment

Development by UCLA-led research team works to keep blood sugar at normal levels Matthew Chin | May 16, 2019 UCLA bioengineers and their colleagues have developed a new type of insulin that could...

Microneedle patch encourages hair to regrow

Credit: ACS Nano A scanning electromicrograph of the microneedle patch. Each needle is 300 μm in diameter at its base and 600 μm tall. Mice treated with the drug-delivery device regrew hair in less than 1 week by Bethany Halford   APRIL 12, 2019 | APPEARED...

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Artificial intelligence detects the presence of viruses

Deep learning-based sensing of viruses using holography. Credit: UCLA Engineering Institute for Technology Advancement Many biosensing applications rely on characterization of specific analytes such as proteins, viruses and bacteria, among many other targets, which...

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