Student Clubs and Organizations


The student-run UCLA Biomedical Engineering Society won the national 2018-2019 BMES Commendable Achievement Award.  This award was given to the student group based on the programs they developed and the strides they took to better the school, community, and student population.  Two of the officers have been invited to the national meeting with expenses paid.



  • Bioengineering Graduate Association

The Bioengineering Graduate Association (BGA) at UCLA was established to facilitate the communication of graduate students with department members, encourage the involvement of students in the graduate community, and establish platforms for the academic and professional development of its members. BGA coordinates with the department to provide resources of academic outreach for graduate students, including arranging lunch with guest speakers, organizing annual retreats to promote intra- and inter-departmental research exchange, and releasing other opportunities for student involvement. BGA also works to enrich the life of graduate students and form close bonds within the department.