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Dr. Maie St. John (Prof. Dept of Bioengineering and Department of Head and Neck Surgery) is seeking motivated MS/Ph.D. students or Post-doctoral fellows with a background in biophotonics/bioengineering/electrical engineering or similar backgrounds to support wide activities ranging from interdisciplinary fundamental research biochemistry/molecular biology to applied clinical research with end goal of translating to minimally invasive, optical diagnostic imaging techniques to the clinical environment (i.e., the operating room) to aid the surgeon with real time, intra-operative cancer margin detection capability. Full funding is available for qualified MS/PhD/postdoctoral candidates. Interested candidates should contact Prof. Maie St. John, MD (MStJohn@mednet.ucla.edu) or Dr. Yazeed Alhiyari (yalhiyari@mednet.ucla.edu). 

Desired Background: 

  • Bioengineering/Electrical Engineering/Physics or Biophysics or related field 
  • Fluorescence spectroscopy 
  • Handling animal/human tissue (or desire to learn handling tissue samples). 
  • Image processing (incorporating AI/ML) 

Required Skills: 

  • Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication 
  • Data analysis (including statistical analysis) 
  • Proficient in using Matlab, Python, MS Office 
  • Optics/photonics (emphasis on biophotonics) 
  • Must like hands-on work 



Lab website: https://research.seas.ucla.edu/computational-systems-pharmacology/

Faculty Contact: Jennifer Wilson at jenniferwilson@g.ucla.edu


Recruiting Postdoctoral Researcher

Research area: Computational modeling, protein interaction networks, signaling pathways, electronic health records


Apply here: https://jobrxiv.org/job/lab-for-the-understanding-of-network-effects-27778-engineering-quantitative-networks-using-clinical-data-2-postdoc-positions/



Lab website: https://www.kamarizalab.com/

Faculty Contact: Mireille Kamariza at kamariza@ucla.edu


Recruiting graduate students and postdocs

Research area: Biosensor designs, chemical biology, molecular engineering, diagnostics




Lab website: https://mrrl.ucla.edu/wulab/

Faculty Contact: Holden Wu at holdenwu@mednet.ucla.edu


Recruiting Ph.D. students, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Project Scientists

Research area: Biomedical Imaging – MRI 


Job Description: Develop, evaluate, and translate new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologies for quantitative imaging and image-guided interventions in cancer and metabolic diseases. 


Basic Qualifications: Knowledge and experience related to physics, math, signal processing, and/or imaging principles. Programming skills. Motivation to learn and develop new skills. Being open to collaborations and working in multidisciplinary teams.



Part-time and full-time options available 

About Partillion 

Partillion Bioscience is venture-backed life science company developing a next generation single-cell analysis  platform. Our award winning nanovial technology enables our customers to accelerate therapeutic development  to address the most difficult diseases and provide advanced scientific insights. Our reagent-based platform  unlocks the ability to screen hundreds of thousands to millions of individual cells based on critical yet difficult to  probe functional information all while using standard, easy to access lab equipment. The technology  underpinning Partillion’s product was developed in Dino Di Carlo’s lab (UCLA) and has been featured in notable  journals such as Science Advances, Nature Communications, and ACS Nano and received industry accolades,  winning the 2020 SLAS Innovation Award and 2022 SLAS New Product Award. 

About The Role  

We are seeking an interdisciplinary-minded individual who has a strong attention to detail and enjoys hands-on  work and experimentation. This individual willsupport the entire nanovial production process from start to finish.  Furthermore, this individual will collaborate with Engineering and R&D teams to troubleshoot issues, optimize the manufacturing/QC process, improve product performance/quality, and develop new processes.  

About You 

The ideal candidate is an inquisitive self-starter and adept problem solver who thrives in environments where a  clear-cut path may not always be readily available. Additionally, we seek a team-oriented individual who takes  ownership of their work and thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced biotech environment. Partillion embraces diversity  and believes that diverse teams create the most innovative technologies and products that can impact  humanity most broadly. 


  • Perform routine manufacturing operations, which include formulating reagents, fabricating nanovials and microfluidic devices, performing quality control (QC) experiments, packaging reagents, and  preparing products for shipment 
  • Set up and troubleshoot manufacturing systems and equipment 
  • Develop and optimize new manufacturing processes for product manufacturing  
  • Perform and revise experimental protocols for microfluidic processing, nanovial bioconjugation, and  nanovial QC 
  • Control and maintain inventory of raw materials and product 
  • Analyze and interpret findings to contribute to the design, scale-up, and continuous improvement of  manufacturing processes  
  • Create SOPs, technical reports, and other documentation 
  • Interface with research scientists and engineers for development of next generation product 


Minimum technical qualifications: 

  • Undergraduate degree in science or engineering (e.g., Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials  Science) with 1-2 years of research or industry experience 
  • Experience with biological or chemical engineering laboratory experimentation 
  • Ability to analyze data to form independent conclusions and recommendations 
  • Proficient computer skills 

Preferred technical qualifications: 

  • Microfluidics experience 
  • Flow cytometry experience 
  • Experience with hydrogel synthesis/bioconjugation 
  • Product development and QC experience 
  • Experience working with cells 

Personal qualifications: 

  • Capable communicator, particularly in data reporting and experimental design 
  • Strong attention to detail 
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently 
  • Ability to perform tasks that are repetitive & physically demanding in lab environment (e.g.  repetitive pipetting, labeling, and standing for long periods of time). 
  • Occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds. 

Competitive compensation commensurate with experience is offered.  

Please send resumes and cover letters to careers@partillion.com and reference Manufacturing Associate job  listing.