Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Shockwave Medical

Hilary Yen graduated from UCLA in 2017 with an undergraduate degree in bioengineering.  While at UCLA, she was the Internal Vice President in BMES and an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Hsiai’s lab.  With a focus and interest in the medical device industry as an undergraduate, she has completed internships at CR Bard, Medtronic, and Azzur Consulting. She is originally from the SF bay area and currently works in Santa Clara.  She has been working in the medical device industry as a manufacturing engineer for more than four years, previously at Olympus Surgical. She currently works at a medical device company called Shockwave Medical which focuses on fighting cardiovascular diseases by using lithotripsy, a technique traditionally used to break kidney stones. This new application helps safely and effectively crack calcium in the vessel walls with sonic pressure waves allowing the vessels to expand. Joining the company at a start-up phase, she has helped increase manufacturing capacity by three-fold and contributed to a successful IPO launch for the company. While the company continues to develop new and innovative devices with the lithotripsy technology, Hilary has found a new interest and plans to join the R&D department to help continue creating new technologies.  In addition to work, some of her hobbies include cooking and traveling.