Professor Ali Khademhosseini is the recipient of the 2018 Acta Biomaterialia Silver Medal.

The Acta Biomaterialia Silver Medal intends to honor and recognize scientific contributions and leadership from academic, industry and public sector leaders in the midst of their careers. Many awards recognize outstanding young investigators or integrated contributions throughout a career. The Silver Medal is established to recognize significant research contributions that are recent and timely. Specifically, the awardee will have made significant contributions through one or more of the following means:

  • A theoretical or experimental discovery of a new principle in biomaterials science
  • Development or invention of a new process or product in the biomaterials engineering field
  • Distinguished leadership or service rendered to the profession of biomaterials science and engineering

Professor Khademhosseini received his Silver Medal at the 2018 Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials in Atlanta, GA.

Acta Biomaterialia Silver Medal