As one of the most popular online scientific platforms, iCANX is a Global Innovation & Ecological Centre intending to disseminating global cutting-edge technological innovation, and tapping and training top innovative talents. It gathers the world’s top scientists covering a broad spectrum of research areas, including biomedical engineering, materials science and engineering, microelectronics, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, information technology, and the Internet of things.

iCANX Young Scientist Award is the iCANX’s annual award selection, which aims to discover and honor a group of young scientists who are active in science and cutting-edge fields around the world and have made outstanding contributions. With sponsorship from top journals including ACS Nano, Applied Physics Reviews, and Light: Science & Applications, the iCANX Young Investigator Award has grown into a very high profile and prestigious distinction. The Winners will be awarded 1000 USD Prize and invited to deliver a presentation on iCANX Talks in 2023. Please see more information: