Every year, BMES chapters submit a Chapter Development Report (CDR) to be eligible for an award from the national Biomedical Engineering Society. These awards are meant to recognize chapters that have made outstanding contributions to the biomedical engineering field. This year, BMES at UCLA received an Outstanding Mentoring Program award, which highlights chapters who demonstrate leadership in mentorship among their chapter members. We have numerous mentorship programs that enrich our chapter’s community and provide learning opportunities for our students. Our mentorship program with the Industry Advisory Board has allowed for students to get assistance from professionals in the medtech and biotech industries. We have an alumni mentorship program that creates one on one counseling with UCLA Bioengineering graduates. Amongst our members, we promote upperclassmen mentor and underclassmen mentee connections to help guide new students through their college experience. We also host coffee chats where professors from the Bioengineering department provide advice for students and elaborate on their career path. BMES at UCLA will continue to grow these mentorship programs and promote excellence in the biomedical engineering field.