Department Management

Stacey Tran Fong

Management Services Officer
5121F Engineering V
(310) 794-5072

Stacey is responsible for academic administration, financial management, teaching programs, selection and supervision of staff.  In addition, she handles the following areas:

  • Academic Personnel – Faculty, Adjunct, Researchers, Lecturer, Project Scientists
  • Faculty Recruitment (Academic Recruit)
  • Department Budgets
  • Hiring & Payroll – Staff, Faculty, Postdoc appointments and monthly PTR
  • International non-student visitors and DS-2019 request
  • Scheduling of Bioengineering classes
  • Bioengineering undergraduate program requirements
  • CIMS – New & Changes to Course
  • Assist with Open House / ABET
  • Emergency / Safety Coordinator
  • Key Request / Space Inventory
  • E5 Key Request Form

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