Academic Forms

Application for Teaching Assistantship (TA)

All TA applications should be electronically filled out and returned to Lili Bulhoes via email. To ensure that your application is taken into consideration, please submit your application by or before the appropriate deadline.
TA Fall Application (Deadline: August 1)
TA Winter Application (Deadline: November 1)
TA Spring Application (Deadline: February 1)

General Forms and Petitions

Enrollment Petition
Leave of Absence – Due: Fall/Oct 1st, Winter/January 1st, Spring/April 1st
Thesis and Dissertation Formatting and Filing Guide
Petition to change in Final Oral examination requirement
In Absentia Registration Petition – Due: Fall/Sept. 1st, Winter/Dec. 1st, Spring/March 1st
Graduate Petition for Change of Program or Home Major (MS/Ph.D)
Change Master Degree Plan Petition
Petition for Residence Classification – Due: 20 days before the Fall quarter starts
Withdrawal Notice
Statement of Legal Residence

Study Plans

Fields and Field Chairs
Instructions for Completing Study Plan – All Fields
Study Plan – All Fields
Study Plan – Biomedical Instrumentation (BMI)
Study Plan – Biomedical Data Sciences (BDS)
Study Plan – BDS Image Processing
Study Plan – Biomedical Imaging Hardware Development (BIHD)
Study Plan – Biomedical Signal and Image Processing (BSIP)
Study Plan – Drug Delivery
Study Plan – Molecular Engineering
Study Plan – Neuroengineering Devices
Study Plan – Neuroengineering Neurodynamics

Master of Science (M.S.) Forms

Timeline to Degree
M.S. Advancement to Candidacy
Master Thesis Nomination of the Committee
Reconstitution of the Master Thesis committee 
Filing M.S. Degree Fee
MS Thesis and Dissertation Formatting and Filing Guide

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Forms

Timeline to Degree
1st year rotation form
Ph.D. Oral Qualifying exam schedule form
Ph.D Three Circles of Knowledge Qualifying Exam
Ph.D. final exam schedule form
Ph.D. Final Defense Announcement Form
Ph.D. Nomination of Doctoral Committee
Ph.D. Remote Participation Form
Reconstitution of the Ph.D. of the Doctoral Committee
Filing Ph.D. Degree Fee
Ph.D. Thesis and Dissertation Formatting and Filing Guide